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. you can continue watching cnn from your mobile phone or if you are headed to work you can watch live from your desk top. go to cnn.com/tv. >>> it's been more than a decade since 9/11 when terrorists came into our country, trained at our flight schools, and murdered thousands of innocent americans. we learned a lot since then about national security. according to a new report it looks like we are still not doing enough. chris lawrence live from the pentagon with more on the national security hearing happening right now. chris, tell us what's being discussed at this moment. also, what does this report say? >> reporter: it says scarey things. basically what we are hearing out of the hearing in congress right now is that there may be foreign nationals right now in the united states training in mother nature flight schools just like mohamed atta who crashed into the north tower of the world trade center. listen to this chilling exchange between representative mike rogers and an official from the government accountability office who conducted the report. >> based on your report the adminis
to interview her for cnn international. you can continue the conversation with me on kyra on twitter, and cnn international starts right now with suzanne malveaux. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> welcome the "newsroom international, i'm suzanne malveaux. in afghanistan a talliban bomb destroyed 24 tankers carrying supplies for taliban forces. and now military officials say that the insurgent attacks have increased in the last 12 weeks. all right. check it out. crazy huge chunk of ice floating free in the north atlantic and it is massive off of the coast of greenland and it is twice the size of manhattan, and snapped off of a glacier this week and scientists say it is probably because of global warming, but too early to say for sure. ♪ >> oh children in south africa singing to nelson mandela on today, his 94th birthday. civil rights icon and south africa africa's first black president turns 94 on what is officially mandela day in the country. >>> and what is most important today is what sis happening in syria and the most important develop
and this hour in the "cnn newsroom," we will tell you how the worst drought that america has seen in 50 years is affect iing the cro and the economy and our pocketbooks. and the white house takes mitt romney and two possible vp candidates to ohio. >>> and the fda bans a chemical from baby bottles and why are adults still living with it? >>> we go to wilted crops in fields, and soil drying up, and half of the country's farms are reaching drought which is the most since 1956. and today, president obama met with agriculture secretary tom vilsack, and 39 more counties declared disaster areas, and we are taking an in-depth look at the crops, and how the drought is affecting corn and the farmers and what it means for the food budget and you are likely to see some prices going up as well. the drought is taking a devastating toll on the crops and especially corn. the agriculture program is saying that 50% of the corn acro across the country is in poor or very poor condition and that is with only 11% last year. and we will go to talk with rob marciano there in burnettsville, indiana. and tell us what
and all of the men were in a meeting when the bomb went off. cnn does not have reporters or camera crews in syria right now, but arwa damon is watching this unfold from beirut, and arwa, we are talking about the president's closest advisers and a family member dead. how monumental is this? is this a turning point? >> well sh, it is difficult to that just yet. this is however an attack that has pierced the very core of assad's inner circle. a number of the officials you listed were pat of the oleet group who are around the president, and most certainly contains the most trusted advisers including his brother-in-law assef shawkat who is believed to be the strongman behind the scenes. this is the national security building we are seeing there in an area of damascus which certa certainly has an incredibly intention security presence as you would imagine and not to mention a number of plain clothes government thugs who effectively patrol the whole area, and this is certainly an inside job. someone had access to that building. now, the free syrian army, a bit of conflicting reports, but one of
. >> we have pictures that the cnn producer took as he flew over the mississippi river, and we can see where the river appears to be shrinking here, and what does that tell you just about how tough this is? >> well, when it is to the point of actual large rivers like the mississippi declining in the stream flow, that tells us that we have reached sort of another stage of drought and not just based on the rainfall, but a number of other factors like the temperature, and it's been somewhat prolonged. so it is definitely another stage of drought, ands i sa as , it is severe. we have to keep monitoring. >> do we know how long it will take to recover from the kinds of drought conditions we are faced now? >> well, we won't see anything until the fall or the winter. looks like we are setting up in el nino pattern and the '50s drought was that we were brought out of it by going into the el nino pattern which brought lots of moisture into texas, so it's very a very good sign that we are going into the el nino right now, and very likely in the winter we may see the conditions improving. >> thank
look at them. the chef and the cnn deli finally perfected the black and white news cookie. i mean the babies they'd have made, the sill ken ebb onee queen and the elfish god would have produced the most perfect little laser eyed caramel mocka wood nymph. i'm pretty sure that's okay for me to say. it doesn't make any sense. for years we've heard anderson go on and on about some girl named katrina. (laughter) standing in front of her house at odd hours, fighting with her and ending up outside in the rain. it was true love. of course looking back now it was suspicious that we never saw a photo of her. and their relationship always seemed strained. i mean who calls their girlfriend by the pet name worst natural disaster of the modern era. and of course, folks, no one, no one took more advantage of my absence from the scene than the you could ad-- coward in chief. you see this man is running scared, folks, because we all know mitt romney is the man we need in the white house thanks to his years of business experience at bain capital. so obama is now attacking romney's record. it's like
are wounded. president obama's strongly condemning the attack calling it in his word barbaric. cnn's elise labott is joining us live with the very latest. bulgarians are of course investigating. i'm sure the israelis are as well. first of all, what are the bulgarians saying? >> reporter: well, wolf, forensic investigators on the scene. it's all very preliminary at this point, but they're saying that this was caused by a bus bomb already placed inside the bus. that's really all they know, but they're not ruling anything out. they say it's possibly a terrorist attack. obviously the israelis saying they're sure of it. but bulgarians not ruling anything in, not ruling anything out at this point, wolf. >> didn't take very long for the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu to directly blame iran for this attack. >> reporter: that's right. a short time ago prime minister netanyahu, wolf, put out a statement saying all signs are leading to iran, his defense minister just spoke to reporters a short time ago. let's take a listen to what he said. >> this is clearly a terrorist attack initiated
. later on on cnn he apologized for some of the language he used, learning to be an american. the president, he also said the president has to learn the american formula to creating business. if you thought it would end there, it at no timdidn't. he went back on the attack this afternoon on fox news. >> he has no idea how the american system functions. we shouldn't be surprised about that. he spent his early years in hawaii smoking something, spent the next set of years in indonesia. another set of years in indonesia. and, frankly, when he came to the u.s., he worked as a community organizer which is a socialized structure. and then got into politics in chicago. >> the only romney supporter speaking out, republican congressman paul ryan is firing back as well. congressman ryan blasted president obama in an interview with the american enterprise institute monday saying, quote, the idea that these sbe preneuros owe all their success to some government bureaucrat or centralized planner just defies reality. he added every now and then president obama pierces the veil. he's usuall
birthday. we'll hear from former president clinton who just visited with the icon in a cnn exclusive. that's coming up. >>> first, zoraidzoraida, the b story affecting so much of the country, the weather and the devastating drought conditions that have turned half of the u.s. into a disaster zone. the department of agriculture is declaring natural disasters in 1,000 counties across 26 states. blistering temperatures are making conditions even worse. across the midwest temperatures have topped more than 100 degrees. and heat advisories are reaching up into the mid-atlantic regions. the bone dry conditions have completely destroyed vast stretches of farmland. especially hurting corn, soybean plants. one analyst is estimating 75% of the corn crop at the heart of the drought stricken region has been completely wiped out. this is already having disastrous effects on the entire country. corn prices have surged 45%. and they're expected to jump even higher. that means the price of everything from food, groceries, fuel, they could all skyrocket. christine romans from iowa. we'll have more on the b
and cnn did its own investigation, as well as a bunch of other news organization. >> you were telling us you have a strong opinion on this. >> i do. >> don't tell me you're a birther. i can't take it. >> we thought we would do what we thought this story deserved. we're totally done with this story. >> put a nail in it? >> i mean, like the sheriff himself even spoke to the secretary of state of hawaii within a month ago, six weeks ago. >> put a fork in it, it's done. >> you're missing a news worthy item. the sheriff of arizona has a cold case posse which is just short of awesome. >> or -- some people could say he has an opponent seeking the nomination against him in november, which some people might be looking to oust him. >> what i like, is will cain came to the set with a hair cut today. >> tried. >> looking cleaned up. >> shave my face and cut my hair. >> everybody comes to it in their own time, it just happens. you're growing up. >> maybe you could be investigated by the cold case posse or something. >> i want one. >> we're moving on. but we do give him our get real thumbs down of the
, bobby jindal, and the former florida governor, jeb bush. cnn's national political correspondent, jim acosta, is in bolling green, ohio, where mitt romney just finished a town hall. >> reporter: wolf, mitt romney is announcing an all-out attack. the gop contender's response can be summed ups a, oh, no, you didn't. after days of attacks on his business record, mitt romney hopes he has found a way to change the story. and it has nothing to do with naming a running mate. >> how many people here were people who began a business or leading a business in this room please stand up? what he's saying is if someone has succeeded, if they'd built something, he's saying they didn't really build it. no, it was the government. it was the government that takes responsibilities. >> reporter: that get out of bain free card may have come in remarks made by the president last friday. a comment romney is blasting as anti-business. >> if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> reporter: romney's campaign manager is now fund raising off of the comment saying they ar
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. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? >>> this is cnn breaking news. >>> we started this newscast with breaking news out of syria. the defense minister there and the deputy defense minister both killed in a targeted suicide bombing. this brings the violence very close to the president of syria, and now american officials are responding. let's head to the pentagon and barbara starr. what did defense secretary leon panetta say, barbara? >> carol, we just finisheda press conference with the secretary. he mainly in the past has left syria to the diplomatic side of the house. today, a very different tone, very different words from leon panetta. have a listen. >> it's obvious that what is happening in syria represents a real escalation in the fighting. and that all of the concerns that we've expressed about the need for assad to step down, the need for a peaceful transition, the need to achieve a peaceful solution to that situation, that by ignoring those appeals by the international community that the violence there has only gotten worse and the loss of lives has
on cnn. make sure you stay tuned. >>> rebels are dancing in the street after claiming a major blow against assad and his regime. a bomb exploded during a crisis meeting killing four people including one from president assad's inner circle. among the dead are the defense minister and his deputy who is assad's close friend and brother-in-l brother-in-law. arwa is tracking the developments. >> reporter: this attack was striking at the very core and heart and sending a clear message to the president and those around him that they are not immune. amongst the casualties but the deputy minister of defense. not the highest ranking individual amongst them all but perhaps the most significant. the president's cloer brother-i. the man who was the iron fist behind the president himself. the area where this attack took place is closes to what was the u.s. embassy before it closed earlier this year. a number of other embassy not to mention where the president himself resides. there's been conflicting information as to who and what was responsible. syrian state television saying it was a terroris
at the current cnn electoral map. in this scenario, obama seems likely to start with 247 electoral votes. romney expected to get 206. 85 are a toss-up. but suddenly ooeb's been five electoral votes of winning. roland, there's a reason obama has made eight trips to ohio so far this year. romney's made ten. what do you think president obama needs to do to win over the main street middle class voters in the buckeye state? >> actually if you go back to 2009, the two states he was immediately going to were ohio as well as north carolina. and when governor strickland lost, that was a big blow to democrats. clearly what he has to do is make the point that although it is a slow recovery, had the actions not been taken, we would not be in the situation here in with private equity sector job growth. it's still going to be a difficult sell. but he has to say, look, there's progress, do you want to change midstream? that's why he's making the argument, go back to the previous policies, how did that work out when we were losing 500,000600,000 jobs a month? >> mark, there is one way that romney could make big
be an act of terrorism. not likely, says cnn analyst tom fuentes."it's more aloog the lines of a serious prank. the reason i say that is if al group like them had access to the food supply that was going on airplanes through he catering service, why mess around ith needles?"but it does raise questions about so much has already been passengers and cargo. a spokeswoman ffr gate gourmet, which prepared the sandwiches for delta tells cnn: this is a terribly upsetting situation. first and foremost is the safety of the traveling public. a spokeswoman for delta also tells cnn, deeta has taken immediate action with our in-flight caterer at amsterdam to ensure the safety and quality of the onboard our aircraft. david mattingly, cnn, atlanta. straight ahead... a mascot miihap... caught on camera.wait until you see how this clip... of a mascot speeding across a baseball field in an a-t-v... comes to an end. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 4)) the dream act debate.how the fight over the november referendum is heating up. tonight on fox 45 news at five.3 let y
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no other needles have been found. >>> cnn obtained a copy to extend the tax cuts for couples making $250,000 or less a year. senator harry reid has promised to bring the bill to the floor next week. in addition to extending the bush tax cuts for those families, it keeps the 15% tax on capital gains and dividends, again, for couples who make less than $250,000 a year. it also extends a modified child tax credit. republicans expected to oppose the bill, because they want the bush tax cuts extended for all income levels. >>> and now the national highway traffic safety administration has opened an investigation into 2001 through 2004 ford escapes and mazda tribute suvs. they're investigating 99 complaints, talking about stuck accelerator pedals. one is based on a fatal crash in january of this year. 591,000 vehicles could actually be affected. >>> and a man linked to a colorado springs murder allegedly attempted to actually steal a commercial plane at a utah airport. but then he committed suicide before the plane took off. colorado springs police tell cnn brian hedge land was being sought in
to clarify and said the president has to learn the american formula for creating business. he then told cnn he shouldn't have used those words. the statement comes as romney has pounced on the president's comments last week where he suggested government played a role in the success of private enterprise. today new jersey governor chris christie will be in town to help raise money for mitt romney's republican campaign. he will speak at breakfast here in the district later this morning. meanwhile, there is more pressure for romney to release his tax returns. the former presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry says anyone run for office should be as transparent as possible. perry did not specifically name romney. >>> in arizona sheriff is claiming that he is now positive that president obama's birth certificate is a fraud. maricopa county sheriff said a team of volunteer investigators discovered numeric codes on the document that showed it had been forged. they say the codes were explained to them by a 95-year-old former state worker who claims to have signed the certificate. the s
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with him. cnn jeffrey toobin has written a book on the court. he explains why scalia is an important figure. >> antonin scalia is the most important supreme court justice of the last 30 years, maybe 50 years. single handedly he changed the understanding of the constitution in the united states. his theory is now the law. >> it's the interview that you have to say. rare, candid and controversial. tomorrow night. that's all for us tonight. nigh court. my exclusive with justice scalia. that's all for us tonight. "ac360" starts now. >>> it's 10:00 here on the east coast. we begin tonight keeping them honest with five members of congress who are claiming that muslim extremists have infiltrated the highest levels of the u.s. government even maybe working side by side with secretary of state hillary clinton. the evidence they point to, however, is questionable at best. representative michele bachmann and four of her republican colleagues in congress are calling for an investigation because of what she terms the possible depenetration, her words, he muslim extremists into the u.s. government. these
's talk about how you upset aretha. this is the e-mail she sent to cnn. she so it's official. she has no problem traveling wherever she has to go. she has a custom bus and she does it regularly across the country. >> i said that. she goes on a bus. >> and -- she's still mad at you -- she said, quote, my audience and fans span the age from 8 to 90. they are multiethnic. i am very well known with young adults and teens and tweens. >> i don't doubt that at all. the people who go to her concerts know her and love her. and they're there for her. >> yes. >> but the reality is, we live in a world where if it didn't happen yesterday, people aren't interested. i find that a sad thing. there are certain people that do earn and have earned our respect for their diminish accomplishments. if she's still getting it from everybody, great. i don't know if my own kids would know. that's my fault. >> oh, my goodness. i'm so distracted because there is the cutest, cutest baby. >> oh, my gosh. look at that child. >> look at that baby! >> i don't even know what's happening. >> davie, move, we can see you.
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at this. >> during the campaign i was surfing the web. i found a story i believe on cnn that obama's half-brother, george obama, wags living in nairobi in a hit and i thought this has to be some kind of a joke. but i click on the story and there's a picture and it looks like something out of slum dog millionaire. >> i want to read you a couple things you wrote in your book that i found interesting and i agree we resonate with my own life. you say i don't think that clonallism, which is a big theme of obamas, is responsible for the sufferings in kenya. you say around the time of independence, and i'm quoting you, kenya was on an economic par with malaysia and singapore. we are at the same level of development. look where we are now and where they are. they are practically and developed and industrialized while kenya is still a basket case. >> yeah, i think -- look at kenya. as far as independence we are far ahead of them but look at them now. >> to share thetic of of -- to share the insight he game is dinesh d'souza. good to see you. >> thank you. >> he lived in a hit? >> it's not odd you
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business. he then told cnn he shouldn't have used those words. today knowledge knowledge governor chris christie will be in town. he is scheduled to speak at a breakfast here in the district in just about two hours. meanwhile, more pressure for romney to release his tax returns. former presidential candidate and texas governor rick perry says anyone running for office should be as transparent as possible. perry did not specifically name romney in his comments. >>> a peninsula let's zer prize winning columnist has died. he passed away yesterday at his home in the district. he had prostate cancer. raspberry wrote about essential issues for 40 years in his "washington post" column. his writing appeared in more than 200 newspapers nationwide. he retired in 2005. william raspberry was 76 years old. >>> the time right now is 5:37. good morning, everyone. we're hearing from the man who bit into a needle in a sandwich as a tsa issues a message for travelers. >>> but first -- [. >> steps one neighborhood is taking to win its bat with the birds. >> a very warm start to the morning as we prepare f
travel to the supreme court for an interview with him. cnn jeffrey toobin has written a book on the court. he explains why scalia is an important figure. >> antonin scalia is the most important
appeared in more than 70 publications including cnn, reuters, the financial times, time magazine, national journal and et etc. with that, i think we would invite your questions. >> i would like to ask about both candidates visiting virginia. the virginia could be -- no, it is a big swing state. mostly because they are a recipient of big tax dollars. you are survey would disprove that headline. i would like to know what some of your comments are on that coverage. >> well, it is important to remember that when you hear the recording about political activity, it does not necessarily mean that it represents public opinion. there are interests in virginia, and those interests are activated and are making contributions to candidates and so on. but the individuals who are ultimately the voters, when you ask them to talk about the big picture and you give them the information, they come to pretty much the same conclusions. it is an interesting dynamic that in general people don't, you know, look out for themselves when they are making a judgment about public policy issues. but they will probably b
a terrible thing. he is sending the wrong message that if you get rich, you are evil. host: that is from cnn yesterday with "the situation room." john sununu apologized for questioning the president to attack american is a winning into jobs. -- americanism when it came to jobs. caller: i do not like the idea that the mainstream media is not covering all of what is being said, especially mitt romney's site back. obama has been able to light and perpetuate all kinds of things because he has nothing to run on. it is sickening to me to see how can just make up lies and go with it. if you say it enough and do not hear the counter, people believe it. obama has insult to americans from the moment he took office. i predicted he would not put his hand on the bible. he did. he missed up the word . in the white house, he did not put his hand on the bible. it was no longer necessary. he has consulted police officers -- he has in so that police officers from the moment he took office. expect-othing to a suspec insulting. he has done nothing for our nation. he has trampled on the constitution. that is not
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